E-Commerce Websites [Shopping Carts]

  • Shopsite Shopping Cart: 10 Product Cart Included with yearly Hosting

    Shopsite is a complete website shopping cart. This program is hosted with your website and integrated with the entire site. Customizable or choose templates to customize. Available in ShopSite Pro and ShopSite Manager for smaller stores. Also available is point & click do it yourself with ample hosting. Features
  • 1AutomationWiz Shopping Cart: Starting at 30.00 monthly

    1AutomtionWiz shopping cart is a stand alone shopping cart system. Customizable for integration to your web. Available with TONS of features for customer loyalty, email blast, recurring customer and MORE. Features
  • Examples: 1 | 2shopping cart websites

    We've included some example shopping carts for review. MDR takes all of your products into consideration as well as how you want to promote and catalog your products.MDR provides design integration of the two programs above. We'll train your staff and show you how to succeed in e-commerce. Once we've coded your shopping cart system we'll show you how to populate your products and optimize them for search engines. Along with training MDR is also available to manage your online store with an annual maintenance contract. Contact us using our contact form for more information on shopping cart maintenance.