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Since 1997 we've been keeping up with the most popular features in programming and web design. If we haven't done it...we'll do it!
Call us today for a consultation on new web design, content editing, brochures and logos. Our experience has proven that with the right web content, web design graphics, and additional interactive functionality placed in your site; YOUR job becomes easier in being able to utilize the number 1 marketing tool available today - your Website.
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Color - Layout - Widgets - Smart Graphics - Typography
MDR can incorporate your current brochures into a website design using full color dpi graphics or design a totally new concept, logo and style for incorporating into a new website and creating your new brochures. We offer high quality royalty free purchased graphics and inventive concepts in web development, web architect and designs. Customers receive up to 3 prototypes for review and selection towards the final concept. Template Designs: We often utilize Template for other quality websites where our customers can browse web templates that can be easily changed to accommodate our client's needs. Let's not reinvent the wheel - see something you like? Let's get started building your website today! Contact Us: | 804.869MDR1 | Contacts Page

How Much Should A Website Cost?
Even now with millions of websites on the Internet there is no exact formula for cost. It all depends on up front conclusions to what we're designing, developing and building into a website. Once we have those items, we can figure out the time needed to produce your request. MDR charges a basic fee for types of websites. If you are interested in shopping cart websites, please see our section on E-commerce.
Small: 4 Pages = $750.00 | Medium: 6 Pages = $1,250.00 | Large: Quoted

However.... You will also need Website Hosting and Maintenance which is not included in design. Visit our Web Hosting pages for total packages including 1st year's hosting, design and site submissions. You may also bring your existing website over for hosting starting at $15.00 month.

I can get website hosting for under $10.00 a month...
Yes, you can. But not at MDRLLC.COM.
Why? Because we provide quality hosting, support and web maintenance. We're a family at MDR. We have newsletters, updates, and welcome ads for new clients. We promote within our environment as well as to the Internet. MDR has been a Hosted Solutions Provider since 1997 and has remained a top re- seller of HSP environments. We offer Dedicated Servers/Configuration and Deployment, Shared Servers, Tenant Servers and Web Hosting Servers for websites that do not require e-com or portal access. Our web hosting is based on what type of server you need.
Unix Hosting starts at $15.00 - month | Windows Hosting starts at $25.00 - month
Personal Customer Console with integrated features for Google®, Yahoo®, 1-Click Blog Install
Calendars, Photo Albums, DNS Management, File Manager, FTP, Secure Server, Password Protect, PLUS MUCH MORE...Visit our Hosting Page for more information
Already have a web?
MDRLLC is available for ala cart website maintenance or by annual contract. If you purchase your website through MDR, we'll include the 1st year's web maintenance FREE!
Maintenance services include: Newsletters, Website Updates, Website Graphic Exchanges, New Pages, Calendar Updates, Photo Album Updates, Search Engine Optimization, Key Word Density Manipulation, Meta Data Coding, Site Submission, Integrated Search Engine Management, Internet Advertising Banners, Campaign Management...pretty much baby-sitting your web. Choose ala cart or yearly contracts: Contact Us for a Quote
Ala Cart: Min hrs: 2 $50.00 | MDR Contract: 1 year 1,200.00 24hr turn around per instance.

Website Search Engine Optimization:
Google® and Yahoo® Integrated account set up with Hosting from MDRLLC. If you already have these accounts active MDR can apply critical applications to performance of your site with:

  • Website Content Reviewing
    Website Structure Reviewing
  • Website Development Review: Broken Scripts, Error Page Creation, Redirects
  • Keyword Match Content Writing
  • Online Campaign Development and Maintenance
  • Keyword Density Review
  • Conversion Tracking and Metric Scorecarding + Training
    Traffic Stats Application and Rendering + Training

Let's get started capturing valuable visits and realizing where they come from, who they are and what they're interested in.
Give us call for a FREE Review of your current site with a no obligation quote. | 804.869MDR1 | Contacts Page



Tools of The Trade: website payments

website design MDRLLC is a full service design house. Meaning all work is done
in-house. The only exception to this rule would be if you are in need of personal programming or you require a Portal Website that requires Tenant Servers such as Cloud Computing. We are available for consulting, design and architect of your "special" endeavor. Our unique opportunity to partner with the most talented individuals in this field allows us to bring to you, our client the most interactive, insightful and prosperous website applications available today.

Web Design, Maintenance, Architect, Development, Brochures, Business Cards and Print Media-
We are ready to work for you.

MDR strictly uses Adobe® Dreamweaver CS5 Suite to manage all work requested. | 804.869MDR1 | Contacts Page